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The Napolina brand was established in Italy and launched in the UK in 1965, more than 50 years on we have become the UK’s Number One Italian cooking brand*. We are rightly proud of our Italian roots - and are dedicated to bringing our passion for Italian style food to life on your table. It was Naples businessman, Marino Iandiorio who established the Napolina brand when he bought his first tomatoes. He was so inspired by the quality of his produce that he formed Napolina – which literally translated means ‘Little Naples'.

After eating the Quick Cook Spaghetti of Napolina's food company, somebody commented, "Unfortunately, it does have a bit of a cheap look and feel to it (it looks more impreesive in the photograph than in reality). Worst of all, the metal sleeve inside, which holds the liquid, was so loose that it was unusable, as everytime you tipped it up to drink from it, it would slide out. Not what an adventurer needs when quenching a dragon-sized thirst! I guess my quest for the ideal gaming “flagon with a dragon” is not yet over......."


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Glynn Burgin says

"Vastly overpriced. I can buy a 500ml bottle of high quality lemon infused olive oil from my local deli for £11. These cowboys charged me £7.85 for just 100ml which, given the price, I expected to be something exceptional. It isn't, it is just plain, bog standard oil with a light lemony flavour. Complete rip-off."

Maciej says

"I have not yet received anything, so 1 star for delayed delivery (if at all)."

myra miller says

"Excellent service on line. Couldn,t wait to stock up on the delicious oils and varieties of balsamic vinegars. Bought previously at Tatton Flower Show ."

Cat says

"Ordered online and it was really straightforward and very quick delivery of an excellent product"

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